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Mari Carmen

Member of the Cofenat Association

(National Association of Professionals and Freelancers of Natural Therapies )

"Hello, I am Mcarmen, Holistic Coach specialized in Emotional Freedom.

My job is to guide you to integrate the balance you need to obtain maximum fulfillment in your life.
Change is only possible from the Soul. You are more than a body and some emotions are blocked energies that write your destiny through distorted mental patterns creating problems.


Releasing them will make you happier.

As a perfect Being you have access to all the best in life but your painful experiences of the past make you vibrate heavy and attract obstacles. You can change your future.

You're free!

I accompany you in your process offering you support and guidance so that you believe in yourself again.

You will reinforce your potential and security by learning useful and simple tools

that will help you to get a better focus on the situation you live in.

I rely on Holistic Naturopathy and TCM because it maintains and recovers comprehensive well-being.

I also use various Energy Techniques such as Bach Flowers,  Aromatherapy, Reiki, Holistic Reflexology,
Chromotherapy, Hoponopono, EFT, Chakras Balance, Magnified Healing ...

I also work Akashic Records through the Keymac Method (couple lock, family of origin,
communication, maternal, paternal, impotence, cerebral, plexus ...) and the Emotion Code, another simple and effective technique that eliminates specific toxic emotions to change erroneous behavior patterns.

The visit can be done in English and French.
At Tara Salud Integral, I shake your hand ...

A hug of light "

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