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Energy Techniques

Bach flowers

The Energy Centers

The 7 main chakras and the 21 secondary chakras


Introduction to energy centers

Nadis and Chakras meridians:

The 7 main Chakras and the 21 minor Chakras

Energy Vampirism and Energy Blockages
Chakras checkup

5 hour course | Price € 50 | Presential and On-line

Small groups | Notes are delivered | Attendance certificate

The Energy Protocol: Eliminate the negative, Connect with the light and Protect yourself energetically

It is a simple and useful daily emotional management energy technique, just 3-5 minutes a day!
It helps you eliminate the emotions trapped in you (emotion = stagnant energy) so that you vibrate high and stop attracting scenarios that unbalance you. It also protects you from absorbing negative vibrations from the environment.



Energy Protocol: What is it and what is it for?

Be consistent and experiment

Benefits of deep breathing

Jacobson's Body Relaxation: What is it?

Protocol Steps

Connect with breath

Open window and set intention

Eliminate tensions (fill us with light)

Connect with Love

Protect ourselves from negative tensions

Jacobson Body Relaxation Practice

Practice Energy Protocol

2 hour course | Price € 15 | Presential and On-line

Small groups | Notes are delivered | Attendance certificate

The Pendulum:

The connection with your

"Higher Self"

In this workshop you will learn to use the pendulum as a means of reconfirming the message you receive from your intuition, from your Higher Self, feeling more secure.



Types of pendulums

Use of the pendulum

Cleaning and maintenance of the pendulum

Pendulum programming and preparation

The higher self. meditations

Practical exercises

2 hour course | Price € 15 | Presential

Small groups | Notes are delivered | Attendance certificate

Holistic Reflexology: The soul connection through the foot

It is a foot recognition technique that gives us an effective response on all levels: bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual.
With the technique, we lower stress levels, strengthen our bodies, improve drainage and purification, relax the spine, work on deep emotions and fears ...

It is a job that allows us to evolve physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Physical mapping
The different systems
Holistic foot
Observing the morphology of the foot
Chakras and energy centers
Correspondence between the five chakras and the fingers
Practice in pairs

2 hour course | Price € 15 | Presential

Small groups | Notes are delivered | Attendance certificate

The Emotional Code

All of us experience negative emotional extremes at times. Sometimes, for reasons we don't yet understand, emotions are not fully processed. In these cases, instead of simply experiencing the emotion and then moving forward, the energy of the emotion is somehow "trapped" within the physical body. So instead of going through your moment of anger, or a temporary period of grief or depression, this negative emotional energy can remain within your body causing significant physical and emotional stress.


Trapped emotions: the invisible epidemic

The secret world of trapped emotions

The human energy field

Releasing trapped emotions

Meditation for connection

Practices Emotion Code

5 hour course | Price € 50 | Presential

Small groups | Notes are delivered | Attendance certificate

Chromatic Zonal Therapy:

Self-treatment to improve your life

This technique combines two dynamic treatments:

Zonal: Treatment that consists of stimulating certain specific points of the feet, hands and face to treat the entire physical body system through the secretion glands and internal organs. We focus on foot treatment. There is a certain relationship between Reflexology and Zonal Therapy although the former is only one aspect of zonal treatment.

Chromatic (color) : It is used as the key to the process of evaluating a person's health to discover the causes underlying the disorders and apply the corresponding treatment.

Zonal Therapy and Color Therapy work together in the current of electromagnetic energy and complement each other in their way of developing it. Zonal Therapy uses physical stimulation, while color is used in a less tangible way as emotional stimulation.


1st Module

Physical mapping
Different systems

Holistic foot
Foot morphology
Chakras - energetic centers
The chakras and fingers

Introduction Zonal Crom Therapy.
The principles of Zonal Crom Therapy.
Common diseases (I)


2nd Module - Presential Only
Chromatic Zonal Therapy and Common Dysfunctions (II)

Course of 2 Modules of 5 hours | Price € 50 / Module | Presential and On-line

Small groups | Notes are delivered | Attendance certificate

The Solar Codes: Recent Quantum Technique

It is a recent non-invasive alternative therapy based on quantum physics in which the 5th and 4th dimensional photonic energy is brought as a rebalancing tool to work the body's energy centers, the Chakras and regenerate the electromagnetic field that is reflected in the body. physical.

This therapy can be performed remotely and to plants and animals.

It has no contraindications.

It is applied in 10 and 15 min to the person.

The objective with the Solar Codes is to provide a Quantum Healing Service to humanity based on Unconditional Love to find the truth in the evolutionary path of the human being. WE ARE ALL ONE



Solar Connection Meditation

Theoretical content

Practical Content

3 hour course | Price € 30 | Presential

Small groups | Notes are delivered | Attendance certificate

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