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Energy techniques are based on the application of energy with the aim of restoring balance and

holistic harmony (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual of the person).

The fundamental principle on which these therapies are based is the consideration of the human being as a participating entity

of a physical reality and a spiritual reality.


Vibrational and energetic techniques work by restoring the vital energy flow. In that sense they are a

complementary support to conventional medical treatments.


The key to change is energy therapy!


Keymac method

The Keymac Method, opening of Akashic Memory and Consciousness, is a holistic and integral health method that works all the bodies, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the energetic and that investigates the causes of any disorder or disease, that is to say , energy blockages caused by negative impacts, in order to alleviate and prevent their effects, whether physical or psychic.


Unlocking Keymac allows the recovery of well-being in an integral way and that the person manifests all his potential and strength, enjoying a full and satisfactory life.

The Keymac Method treatments are Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Ayurveda massage and Reflexology with a work with quartz on specific unlocking points and with the use of unlocking essences Keymac.


It is a quantum technique of channeling and transmitting vital energy through the laying on of hands, which is used to obtain peace and balance on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

It is complementary to conventional medicine and psychological techniques recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Through this method, we make our bodies healthier, our thoughts become calmer, and we increase the joy of living.

Reiki can be used to:


  • Release pent up emotions

  • Increase the energy level, providing physical and mental vitality

  • Organic revitalization and rejuvenation of the entire organism

  • Provoke a state of relaxation by reducing or eliminating anxiety

  • Relieve suffering whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual

  • Helps eliminate daily stress

  • Migraines, depression, menstrual pain, constipation

  • Helps cleanse the body and mind of all kinds of toxins

  • In the case of terminally ill patients, it can give relief to both the affected person and their family group

  • Pregnancy and postpartum

  • Facilitate sleep and decrease dejection

  • Eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia) ...



Chakras & cuarzos

Chakras Therapy

Harmonizing quantum technique that helps to treat or complement the recovery from any organic or psychological disorder . This brief method of healing loads a large amount of spiritual energy directly into the chakra or energy center related to the physical or mental-emotional situation to be treated. This technique has been spread by Master Dasiranarada III (luong Minh dang).

Its duration is 5 to 10 min. It is used as

complement to other therapies.


Quartz Therapy


Harmonizing quantum technique indicated for all kinds of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments.

  • Relaxation, well-being and harmony.

  • It stimulates the self-healing capacity itself.

  • It balances the centers and the energy circuits of the body.

  • Increases the general energy level.

  • It stimulates the release of repressed emotions and balances the psycho-affective sphere.

  • It develops self-awareness and stimulates the process of spiritual growth.


Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing

Harmonizing quantum technique indicated for all kinds of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments.

The energy of Magnified Healing unlocks those areas of our body that need fluidity both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as it is capable of rebalancing the Karma that we bring from previous incarnations and from the current existence. It allows balancing the nervous system and balancing the energy vortices of the human being.

Like Reiki, Magnified Healing is a vibrational

rebalancing energy.

Both energies are similar and can complement

each other.

In Reiki Universal Energy is channeled, in Magnified Healing the balance energy is co-created

and magnifies with the Source.

The practice lasts approximately 15 'although it can be extended a little more if the person needs a greater scope or complementation with other techniques.


EFT is an emotional release technique, since it combines the practice of tapping (tapping each other) on certain points of the body, to release stagnant energy from the body, while the person evokes his negative emotions or his problem. When used correctly, the emotional stress caused by the problem is released, just like the energy blockage in our body.

Tapping comes from the oriental culture, it has its origin in acupuncture from MTC, being recognized in 1979 by the World Health Organization (WHO).


The central idea of EFT is that when we feel good, without stressors, anxieties and / or problems, the energy of our body flows without any obstruction. However, when our energy is blocked or interrupted, negative emotions emerge, which can appear accompanied by all kinds of physical symptoms.


Emotional Release Techniques: EFT tapping

Emotional release techniques: Ho´oponopono


Ho´oponopono, the art of “erasing” problems

It is an ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving. It is a philosophy of life based on the spiritual whose objective is to bring peace and balance in a simple and effective way through mental and physical cleansing, through a process of rebalancing, reconciliation and forgiveness.


The word Ho'oponopono means "to amend", "to correct an error". If you want to change something, first you have to become aware of taking responsibility (not blame) for the "wrong" emotions, thoughts and memories in you that have created that reality in order to erase and thus create the empty space to fill it with the correct information and response. Ho'oponopono returns us to the void, to zero, to our natural condition, where Inspiration (Love) can appear in our life and guide us.


Emotional Release Techniques: Sedona Method


All emotion if experienced without tension is short-lived, but if we fight against it, if we try to suppress or confront it, we add tension and intensity. To achieve this state of observation, the method uses simple questions that you ask yourself when you contact "a problem", to which you only have to answer yes or no, without entering into internal justifications or dialogues (which are indicators of resistance ).

The Sedona Method takes into account and integrates into its procedures the three basic steps for emotional release: contact with emotion, elimination of resistance and release; and it provides an in-depth analysis of the problems, the emotions that compose them and how to approach them.

What are you feeling right now?

Can you welcome or allow this feeling?

Can you let it go?


Quantum Solar Code Technique


It is a recent non-invasive alternative technique based on quantum physics in which the 5th and 4th dimensional photon energy is brought as a healing tool to work the body's energy centers, the Chakras and regenerate the electromagnetic field that is reflected in the body. physical.


It is applied in 10 and 15 min to the person. It restores the glandular, functional and organic functions of the body. Reduces or eliminates physical pain or discomfort.



The objective with the Solar Codes is to provide a Quantum Rebalance Service to Humanity based on Unconditional Love to find the truth in the evolutionary path of the human being.



El sistema de Flores de Saint Germain fue creado por Neide Margonari, utilizando flores de Brasil, gracias a sus habilidades sensitivas y las enseñanzas del Dr. Edward Bach. 

Está dividido en 2 módulos, el I constituido por 45 esencias, y el II que contiene 21 esencias. Además, existen otras 10 esencias individuales y 2 fórmulas para diluir de 20 ml. 

Este sistema en particular contiene muchas flores que trabajan aspectos espirituales, y a su vez es un poderoso sistema de terapia floral para tratar diversas enfermedades. 

La enfermedad física es la cristalización de una postura errónea de nuestra personalidad, es un disturbio energético, que se inicia en uno de los cuerpos suprafísicos: etérico, emocional o mental. Posturas éstas, que están contra nuestra Divinidad Interna. 

La función de las esencias florales es la de transmutar los bloqueos/sufrimiento, equilibrando, de esa manera, las energías en los niveles o campos sutiles, por medio de flores específicas, divinamente energizadas. 

Las principales herramientas para la total eficiencia de la cura, por la práctica de la Terapia Floral, son:

• Acceder a nuestro curador interno, que es nuestra conciencia crística
• El Amor Incondicional, que no pide nada a cambio
• La propia intuición

La limpieza de los estados negativos del alma, por medio de la actuación de los Rayos Divinos en las Esencias Florales, nos da la garantía de una vida saludable, con armonía, equilibrio y alegría.

Las esencias florales vienen a acelerar el proceso de cura, vinculado directamente al aprendizaje del alma. Sin ese aprendizaje, no hay curación real. 


Deja que las flores te sanen!

Flores blancas

flores de
st. germain



Variant of acupuncture, consists of the stimulation of the acupuncture points that are located in the pinna. It is based on the idea that the ear is a complete representation of the rest of the body.

Indicated for: fighting addictions (tobacco, alcohol), weight loss (reduces anxiety levels), low back pain, hemorrhoids, allergies, angina ...



Acupuncture is a bioenergetic technique

of the TCM that involves the stimulation of

anatomical locations  on the skin

using a variety of techniques :

the most common are the metal needles ....


¿Qué es la aromaterapia emocional o energética?

La Aromaterapia emocional y energética reconoce que los aromas son el vehículo más rápido y directo de conexión con los recuerdos y emociones.  Lo que el cerebro percibe a través del olfato nos lleva directamente a nuestra parte inconsciente logrando así esquivar el análisis mental y permitiendo que se realice un trabajo de evolución personal desde niveles más sutiles(chakras aura y meridianos), obteniendo el equilibrio y la armonía en todos nuestros planos. Algunos beneficios:

- Consigue claridad mental y enfoque
- Aporta tranquilidad y paz.
-Desbloquea situaciones no asimiladas
- Supera inseguridades y miedos
- Reconocer la verdadera esencia, pasión, alegría, amor.
- Logra a ser consciente y libre.

La aromaterapia también trabaja de forma directa e inmediata sobre el sistema nervioso y neuro-endocrino, por lo
que también es útil para solventar dificultades ligadas a patrones emocionales y mentales.
Deja que los aceites esenciales te sanen!


Variant of acupuncture, consists of the stimulation of the acupuncture points that are located in the pinna. It is based on the idea that the ear is a complete representation of the rest of the body.

Indicated for: fighting addictions (tobacco, alcohol), weight loss (reduces anxiety levels), low back pain, hemorrhoids, allergies, angina ...


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