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Aceites Herbales


Las Flores de Bach son un remedio que ayuda al equilibrio psicobioenergético del ser humano. Realizado de extractos naturales, impregnan lentamente nuestros cuerpos sutiles y ayudan a mejorar la auto-observación, pudiendo así  descubrir nuestros estados emocionales nocivos para la salud…


La terapia floral se puede realizar por si sola o de manera complementaria con otras terapias ampliando y mejorando los efectos de éstas. Pueden tomar las embarazadas.



They can be used to:

Difficulty concentrating, insomnia, fear and exaggerated susceptibility, after having suffered an accident, great worries and great sorrows, lack of emotional balance, stress, depressive states, lack of self-confidence, nightmares, skin diseases, allergies, asthma, anxieties, obsessions, detoxification processes

Uses for children and babies

Adjustment problems , hyperactivity , lack of concentration , fears , shyness , trouble sleeping, fear of exams

usos para adultos

usos para niños y bebés

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Bach Flower Intensive

Course of 5 Modules of 5 hours | Price € 50 / Module | Presential and On-line

Bach flowers are very subtle but deep energy extracts because they heal the emotional cause that is even affecting us already on the physical plane (dysfunction).
In this course you will learn to apply the 38 Flowers of Dr. Bach from his holistic in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane, either for you as a personal growth or as a floral therapist.
We will work on the following aspects of each Flower: Description of Bach, Keyword, Typical psychological traits, Clinical picture or transpersonal pattern, Corrected aspect, Lesson to learn and Differential diagnosis.


1st Module:

Introduction to holistic Bach Flowers.
Bach Flowers and hypersensitivity, fear and loneliness
The rescue remedy

2nd Module:

The Bach Flowers and despondency, uncertainty, lack of interest in the present and suffering for others

3rd Module:

Bach flowers and pathologies
Catalytic and protective Bach flowers
The Bach Flowers and the chakras.

4th Module - Presential Only

Meditation of connection to your higher Self.
Review and practice of Bach Flowers from the soul

Aceites Herbales


Las fechas y horarios de los cursos se fijan con el grupo. Envíanos tu nombre y tu disponibilidad y nos pondremos en contacto contigo

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